About Yoshie

yoshie measures portrait with a green-blue background

Yoshie Measures

Nelson B.C. artist Yoshie Measures is best known for her extremely colorful and very detailed oil paintings. She mixes everyday scenes of some of our most loved animals with nature, captures the emotion while exaggerating the colors to create an incredibly realistic, yet surreal image.

Yoshie’s first mentor was her dad; he taught her the basics of oil painting. After, she went on to study pencil, watercolor, and fine paper art. Yoshie won national and international awards for her work during middle school using a medium known as Washi Art, “sculpting using colorful fine art papers”. It’s a process where you take colorful paper and glue it together on canvas to build images that climb out at you. Lately Yoshie has returned to what she loved to do first “oil paintings”.

Artist Statement

I have always loved nature and from the start it has had a big influence on my art. I grew up in the country side in Japan and spent my childhood playing along side the rice fields and in the trees of my backyard. I have always thought art should be colorful and uplifting and I do it for fun or to lighten my mood.